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If you're looking for the flavor text for this event, see Ninjas (flavor text).


Ninjas is an event that can be reached from the Travel event, from the [A card picturing an oriental temple.] option in Cards Of Fate, from Crossroads, or from Happy Peace Day!. It can also simply be a random event.

  • On the entrance page of Ninjas, you are asked if you want to enter The Ninja Temple. You can choose [Yes], [No], or opt to [Go to the nearby pond.].
  • Before selecting an option, you have a chance to be able to mine a rock with your Mining Pick for a generic item if the flavor text notes that "you see some stony mountains".
  • If this event is visited from Crossroads, you start at a [Yes] subevent page rather than at the entrance to The Ninja Temple.
  • After it starts to snow during Winter, you have a chance to use the Pick Snowballs skill to pick up Snowballs before selecting an option at the entrance.
  • This is a special location for the Bug Net. Items which can be caught include: Lucky Cricket.

[Yes][edit | edit source]

You go to one of the following randomly selected subevents in The Ninja Temple:

Subevents[edit | edit source]

  • A Balaclava- You receive a Balaclava.
  • A Bo- You receive a Bo.
  • A Katana- You gain a Katana.
  • A Sword- You receive a Sword.
  • A Tetsubo- You receive a Tetsubo.
  • Agility- You gain 1 permanent Speed.
  • Chi- You gain 1 permanent Speed.
  • Cup Of Tea-You receive a Cup Of Tea.
  • Dark Blade Of Fire- A ninja called Dark Blade Of Fire steals a random item from you. (This subevent has this accompanying video made by TVsKyle:
  • Dodge Bullets- You gain 12 turns of the "No." skill.
  • Finja- You are shown 3 random items out of the generic Fish item-givers pool. You can either choose 1 of the 3 shown items to gain it and gain 10 turns of Blessing Of Catatafish OR decline the offer to simply leave the event.
  • Blessing Of Catatafish: Whenever you eat a Fish item, you Incapacitate all other players on the space you are on before you move due to eating.
Blessing Of Catatafish Tooltip
Whenever you eat a Fish, you incapacitate all other players on your space.

Duration: X turn(s)

Buff.png Category: Buff, Magic

  • Lucky Cricket- You gain a Lucky Cricket.
  • Ninja Hirelings- You can hire 1 of 3 types of Ninja for 5 Rupees. (The Spy can steal a chosen item from another player. The Assassin can kill another player. The Bodyguard can protect you from being killed for 5 turns.) OR decline the offer to simply leave the event. If you choose the Bodyguard, you gain 5 turns of Ninja Bodyguard.
  • Ninja Bodyguard: For 5 turns, up to 2 kills will be blocked and the attacker will be incapacitated.
Ninja Bodyguard Tooltip
Your ninja bodyguard will block up to 2 kills for 5 turns, also incapacitating the killer for good measure.

Charges: X

Duration: Y turn(s)

Buff.png Category: Buff

  • Ninja Turtles- You gain a Pizza.
  • Nunja- You can either target any player to Incapacitate them OR decline the offer to simply leave the event. Choosing any player other than yourself also leads you to the Church.
  • Szechuan Sauce- You gain Szechuan Sauce.
  • The Art Of War- You gain The Art Of War.
  • What...- You move 12 spaces back.
  • Whoops!- You receive 4 turns of the Delusion Poison Debuff.

[No][edit | edit source]

You simply leave the event.

[Go to the nearby pond.][edit | edit source]

You go to the Asian Pond. You have a chance to gain a Black Lotus if you are Lucky. In addition, Fishing Pole and Pet Bear can be used to fish at this location; Pet Bear can catch Fish, while Fishing Pole can catch Pufferfish in addition to generic items. Also, a Bucket can be filled with water at this location.

Gallery[edit | edit source]