Enchantments are non-inherent inventory categories that can be given to items. Unlike inherent categories, which appear as black in tooltips, enchantments appear as purple in tooltips.


  • The Object, Skill, Drink, Duplicate, Explosive, Liquid, Magnetic, Meat, and Passive inventory categories currently cannot be given as enchantments.



Brief Enchantment DescriptionsEdit

Animal ProductsEdit

Main article: Animal Products


Main article: Broken

  • An item with this category will have a non-functioning Standard Use.


Main article: Delicious


Main article: Ethereal

  • Allows items to be used while Dead, while disabling use while alive.


Main article: Fireproof

  • Items with this property are incapable of burning if you are set on Fire. Even if the Fireproof item is the only item in your inventory, it will not burn.
  • If a Highly Flammable item is made Fireproof, Fireproof takes priority.


Main article: Food

  • Food can be eaten.
  • The Food enchantment is distinct from the Food permanent category. The enchantment adds a Standard Use in pop-up form that allows you to directly eat the enchanted item, with the pop-up sharing any existing Standard Use for the enchanted item even if its Standard Use had no pop-up before. Upon eating an item with the Food enchantment, you move forward an amount of spaces corresponding with the specific eaten item.
  • Movement from eating items that you otherwise cannot eat (for example items that have received the Food category as an enchantment) has been increased by ~30%.


Main article: Frostproof

  • Items with this property are incapable of being Frozen.

Highly FlammableEdit

Main article: Highly Flammable

  • Items with this property will burn first when you are on Fire.


Main article: Horcrux

  • An item with this category can be destroyed to revive a player with a Buff connected to it.


Main article: Jewelry

  • An item with this category can be affected by various effects.


Main article: Living

  • There exist ways to lower Living item cooldowns.


Main article: Mechanical

  • An item with this category can be given to Princess Bubblegum in Ooo and can be affected by various effects.


Main article: Soulbound

  • Items with this property cannot be stolen by other players.
  • This can prevent theft by ACME Magnets which would normally take all Magnetic Items.


Main article: Sparkling

  • Items with this property sell for an additional 5 Rupees at the Pawn Shop.
  • Some items the Pawn Shop owner normally wouldn't accept can be sold for 5 Rupees if they are made Sparkling.


Main article: Spicy

  • Eating a Spicy Food while not on Fire will set you on Fire for 1 turn.
  • Eating a Spicy Food while on Fire already will kill you.


Main article: Unremovable

  • Unremovable items cannot be removed from your inventory by most methods.

Enchantment SourcesEdit

  • See main articles.


  • In the Enchanting Encounter Fixed Chance Phase event, all players receive an assortment of items capable of giving enchantments.


Sparkling Enchantment