Clonegg 5000

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Clonegg 5000 and Primed Clonegg 5000 are items. They share an item slot.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Clonegg 5000 or Primed Clonegg 5000[edit | edit source]

Event Use[edit | edit source]

Clonegg 5000[edit | edit source]

Clonegg 5000
In-Game Description
Tooltip Prime the Clonegg on an item in your inventory to get your Clonegg to start producing an exact replica of that item, which is ready after 2 to 9 turns. Doesn't work on Unremovable items.
Object, Mechanical
Uses 1 (normal use), Unlimited (use on Festive Present)

Standard Use[edit | edit source]

  • Choose another item you have. (You cannot choose an Unremovable item. You can choose Festive Present, though this fails to do anything (besides potentially consuming a charge of Ethereal Gloves) as this item cannot be copied; the Clonegg can still be used again afterwards.) If an eligible item is chosen, the Clonegg transforms into a Primed Clonegg 5000 connected to a copy of the chosen item at the time the Clonegg 5000 was used. The Primed Clonegg 5000 will have a countdown when initially received; this countdown can begin at any number from 2-9.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Using the Clonegg on an item with the duplicate tag results in a copy without the duplicate tag.

Primed Clonegg 5000[edit | edit source]

Primed Clonegg 5000
In-Game Description
Tooltip Your Clonegg is creating a copy of an item!
Object, Passive, Mechanical
Uses N/A
Other appearances
8 turns left
7 turns left
6 turns left
5 turns left
4 turns left
3 turns left
2 turns left
1 turn left

Passive Effect[edit | edit source]

  • During each Effects Phase, the countdown on this item goes down by 1. In the Effects Phase in which the countdown reaches 0, it turns into a true copy of the connected item.

How To Obtain[edit | edit source]

Clonegg 5000[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

Primed Clonegg 5000[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Clonegg 5000

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