City Over The Narrow Sea

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City Over The Narrow Sea is an event that can be reached immediately after becoming a Targaryen in Pick A House or with the Iron Coin Neutral Effect after becoming a Targaryen. It cannot simply be a random event.

In the event, you can do one of the following:

  • Choose the Wildfire Merchant to have the ability to buy Volatile Oil for 2 Rupees (or simply leave if you say no or say yes with less than 2 Rupees).
  • Choose The Cave to go to The Dragon.
  • Choose Leave The City to go to The Beach.
  • Choose one of the options above randomly.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Event Text[edit | edit source]

Upon encounter:

City Over The Narrow Sea
You enter the City over the Narrow Sea. There's a cave nearby rumored to house a dragon and you can see the beach just outside the city gates. There's also a merchant claiming to sell wildfire.


[Pick a random option]

Upon choosing the Wildfire Merchant:

Wildfire Merchant
'Want to buy some Wildfire?'


'It's the purest essence of dragons! This volatile substance burns so hot it melts wood, stone... even steel.' the merchant claims.

Do you want to buy it for 2 Rupees?


Upon selecting yes in the initial Wildfire Merchant subevent with enough Rupees:

Wildfire Merchant
'Here you go! Be careful with it... it can burn flesh like tallow!' says the merchant.



Upon selecting yes in the initial Wildfire Merchant subevent without enough Rupees:

Wildfire Merchant
'Sorry, but you don't have enough Rupees. This Wildfire is too rare to be given out for free I'm afraid...' says the merchant.


Upon selecting no in the initial Wildfire Merchant subevent:

Wildfire Merchant
'Well, too bad. See you around!' says the merchant.


Upon choosing The Cave:

The Cave
You walk into the Cave rumoured to have a dragon inside and it slowly gets darker around you...


Upon choosing Leave The City:

Leave The City
You walk out of the city to the beach...